Experienced information management professional with a demonstrated history of working in both museums and cultural institutions as well as the for-profit sector. Strong background in Digital Asset Management, Taxonomy, Metadata, Cataloging, Archives, User Experience, and Historical Research. Avid interest in arts, music, film, photography and history. A native Californian, I am especially fond of silent films, California scene painting, and the history of the greater Los Angeles area.


Taxonomy and information science is actually my second career. In addition to the recent experience detailed on my résumé, my more distant past includes 15 years in publishing and print production, including computer graphics, typesetting, and old-school pasteup and layout as well as extensive experience in customer service, proofreading, and establishing and maintaining editorial guidelines. I've been a shopgirl, movie theater cashier and assistant manager, waitress, catering assistant, driver on film sets, wardrobe assistant, and music reviewer. I like to learn, and I like variety, and I like to keep busy.